Monday, March 3, 2014

Is there other life forms in the universe besides us?

Is there other life forms in the universe besides us?.
Good question, and the answer is YES, but a better question should be, why do we care, why do we want to know, and more importantly, why are we trying to make contact with unknown aliens, aliens whose intentions we don't know?.
We humans, need to stop looking at the possibility of an alien encounter with naivete. We must start thinking more realistically about the possibility of alien life forms coming into contact with us, here on Earth.
Once aliens discover our planet, they will not come here to say "Hello". Aliens could care less about making friends, if they are looking out to find other planets, outside their own, it's because they are exploring to find alternative sources of raw materials to expand their civilizations.  Our planet Earth is rich in oxygen, water, iron and carbon, exactly the type of raw martials needed to make metal, steel; and with steel, machines, space ships, weapons. If anything, aliens will regard humans as a nuisance, a pest to get rid of. Aliens will not even use humans as slave labor, they more than likely will have advanced technology to do the mining themselves. Alien Conquistadores will have many different types of machinery that can extract minerals in a more efficient and faster way than slaves. And speaking of "conquistadores", it's hard to imagine that, in the 15th century, American natives would have sent invitations in the direction of Spain, to any random foreigner, to come a "visit them", specially knowing what could happen to them, once someone would have answered such invitation. So, why are we doing that? Sending signals to outer space, and sending gold CDs out to be found by any alien scout that happens to be driving by in our neighborhood? .. it's insane !.